Services for smart cities

Our services for smart cities highlight these territories and their heritage while facilitating the daily life of citizens. To enhance them, we develop complete and customizable mobile applications according to the needs. Different modules are available, some designed for community life, others for tourism and finally some modules specific to certain applications. Connect to your citizens, your merchants, your visitors to create a permanent dialogue, deliver useful services and nurture relationships of trust.

To better understand our services, here is what a smart city is.

Our modules for community life :

The modules at the service of community life benefit citizens, but also merchants and elected officials. For example, you can find modules such as reports, surveys, transportation, administrative procedures, connected businesses, the agenda, etc. All these modules facilitate the daily life of everyone by promoting participatory democracy.

Our modules for tourism :

For tourism, we have developed various modules that highlight the territory and facilitate the arrival of visitors and their stay on site. For example, there are modules for routes and hikes, POIs (points of interest), 360° panoramic photos, augmented reality, etc.

Our back-office

Thanks to our back-office, you can easily and quickly manage your mobile application. Add and modify the content you want to have on the application, access your application statistics and automate some features thanks to our platform.