Administration procedures

Administration procedures

Thanks to this module, users can carry out their administrative procedures directly through the app and make an appointment at the city hall.

These steps can concern a passport or identity card application for example. Users can also simulate rates for schools, extracurricular activities, etc. according to their family situation. They can also make appointments at the town hall.

This digitization saves time for citizens but also for municipal employees thanks to a better management and organization of these services.

Indeed, thanks to this app, citizens no longer need to physically go to the town hall to carry out their administrative procedures. They can now do so from the comfort of their home, which is particularly convenient when they have a busy schedule or when they live far from the town hall.

This module is also very useful for elderly or mobility-impaired people who may have difficulty getting to the town hall. In addition, this digitalization also reduces waiting times and queues, which is appreciated by all users.

In addition, this module is very easy to use. Simply create an account and follow the indicated steps to complete your administrative procedure. The necessary information is clearly presented and you can ask questions or request help if needed.

In addition to making administrative procedures easier for citizens, this module also allows for better management and organization of municipal services. In fact, municipal employees can easily access data and user requests, allowing them to process requests more quickly and efficiently.

In summary, this module is a real asset for citizens and municipal employees. It facilitates administrative procedures and allows for better management and organization of municipal services, while providing a valuable time saving for all users.