Events creation

Events creation

With this module, users can create and propose their own events for the city.

They just have to fill in the essential information such as the type of event, the name, the date, the place, etc. They can also add a description of the event and pictures for more precision. They can also add a description and pictures for more details. The proposal is then sent to your administration via the app.

Once their proposal is validated by your teams, the event is visible to all other users and appears in the calendar on the mobile app.

It is important to note that this functionality is not only intended for associations and organizations, but also for individuals who wish to organize an event in their city. This can be a cultural, sporting, artistic or charitable event. The goal is to foster links between residents and to energize the city.

The goal of this module is to allow citizens to get more involved in the life of their city and to propose new, innovative and original activities for all residents. It is also an opportunity for organizers to make their events known and make them accessible to a wider audience.

By proposing their events on the app, organizers can also benefit from the visibility of the app and its audience. Thanks to the online calendar, users can consult upcoming events and register in a few clicks.

It is also possible to share events on social networks and invite friends to participate. This helps to promote the event to a wider audience and create a dynamic of participation around this event.


Overall, this module is a real opportunity for the city’s residents to propose and participate in new activities, while promoting social connections and the dynamism of the city. It is a way to give voice to citizens and involve them in the life of their city.