The calendar lists all the upcoming events in your community, and allows users to easily and quickly find them using theme filters.

They are displayed in chronological order on your app. With a specific button, users have the ability to add the events that interest them directly to their personal schedule on their smartphone. This feature allows them to not miss any event by being alerted by their schedule but also by the app!

It is also possible to share events with friends or family in order to invite them to participate.

The events offered in the calendar are varied, ranging from concerts to exhibitions to sports activities and festivals. There is something for everyone!

The schedule is also a useful tool for event organizers. They can create and publish their event on the app, which allows them to promote their activity to many users. This also gives them the opportunity to follow the popularity of their event through comments and shares on social media.

In addition to offering events, the calendar also allows users to find practical information on each event, such as the location, the start and end date and time, any fees, and reservation details. This allows users to better prepare their outing and not be caught off guard.


The calendar is also an excellent way to discover new activities and step out of your comfort zone. For example, you can filter events by category and be tempted by an activity you might not have chosen otherwise. This allows you to open up to new experiences and live new adventures.

In addition, the calendar is a great tool for tourists visiting the community. They can discover all the events not to be missed during their stay and plan their schedule according to their interests. This allows them to make the most of their trip and not miss the best activities offered.

Finally, the calendar is a way to support event organizers and contribute to the community’s animation. By participating in the events offered, you give them visibility and valuable support, which can encourage them to continue to offer great activities for everyone.

In short, the schedule is an essential tool for all residents and visitors of the community. It allows you to discover new activities, not miss important events, and strengthen social ties. So don’t hesitate to consult it regularly and add your own events!