08 Feb
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We are proud to collaborate with ELSAN Fontvert clinic ! We are very thankful for their trust !

The clinic recently set up our solution 3, with which patients are equiped with a bracelet that sends a sms towards his acompanying person at each step of the ambulatory journey or in the endoscopy service :

This solution also can be set up for an emergency service.

23 Jan
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The Communauté de communes du Massif du Vercors wanted a tool that would reinforce the attractiveness of its territory and facilitate the daily life of its inhabitants and tourists. The Vercors Inside mobile application brings together numerous functionalities and serves as a communication tool between all the actors of the territory. The strong point of this application is the transmission of information related to the stations in real time.

Vercors Inside offers different services and very precise modules, which allow a real time communication between the elected officials, the inhabitants and the tourists. These services are also innovative and enhance the territory while allowing everyone to anticipate their trips in the region.

  • First of all, there are the local news, which are updated in real time on the application and allow each user to be informed quickly and easily.

  • An agenda lists current and upcoming events on the territory, with the possibility of filtering them by date or by theme.

  • The weather of each station is displayed on the home screen, and it is possible to know the details of the snow weather or the opening of the slopes.

  • Useful phone numbers and contacts are also provided: emergency services, doctors, pharmacies and paramedical professionals.

  • The "Protect the Vercors" module offers different services: a guide to the rules to respect in the mountains, a sorting and recycling guide that indicates each collection point in a list or on a map, and suggestions for eco-gestures to be used on the territory. 

  • All the businesses and activities in the region are also listed in the application, with the possibility of filtering them by category and theme to facilitate the search. 

  • Finally, the "Mobility" module lists all the modes of transport and access to the region as well as their schedules and contacts if necessary. Information about road works and closed roads are also listed.

Vercors Inside is a complete and innovative mobile application, it serves as a daily tool for residents and tourists to keep informed easily and quickly.  

You can download the application for free from the Android and Apple stores, try it!

20 Dec
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The Centre Hospitalier d'Avignon called on Sweepin to develop the HospiGuide mobile application, which allows patients and visitors to guide themselves through the 120,000 square meter facility.

The app allows people to be guided from their home to their hospital appointments first with a GPS system to the hospital and then with Sweepin's indoor positioning system within the building. This technology allows visitors to know in real time if they are going in the right direction. Using its sensors, the phone delivers instructions to follow and becomes a smart compass inside the hospital.
HospiGuide also gives patients the ability to find all their medical appointments updated in real time if they change.
Of course, the application is completely secure and does not store any information about users' location or medical data.

Without this mobile application, it is also possible to guide oneself in the hospital thanks to the multiple QR codes displayed in several strategic places of the building. Once scanned, they allow users to establish an itinerary after selecting their destination from a list and to be guided by instructions.

The HospiGuide application can be downloaded for free on the Android and Apple stores!

They talked about it!

La Provence : 
Le Dauphiné :

07 Sep
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Depuis 2015, les bureaux de Sweepin à Dijon étaient installés près de l’Université de Bourgogne. En s’agrandissant, l’entreprise a décidé de se rapprocher du centre-ville et de déménager dans ses propres locaux pour la rentrée 2022.

Our offices are now based at 18 Rue Sainte-Claire Deville in a house! We have a new and more spacious work space which brings a warm atmosphere and allows us to reinforce the team cohesion.

The Marseille team also moved into its new offices in early September, located at 30 Boulevard de la Liberté.

Happy back-to-school to all!

07 Jun
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The city of Dole wanted to provide users with a mobile application that would facilitate their daily lives and strengthen cohesion within the municipality. So we developed the "Ville de Dole" application.

The app offers different modules and features that make it unique and unavoidable if you go to Dole.

For example, you can propose your own event for the city via the calendar which lists all upcoming events. A module of walks and tourist routes allows you to discover Dole in a fun and instructive way, with quizzes and information on each place of interest you visit. 360° panoramic images are also available and allow you to observe certain points of interest from all angles!

The main feature of this application is its module dedicated to the Cirque et Fanfares festival, which takes place every year in Dole. This module allows users to access all the information concerning the festival: the places to play, the artists' files, practical information (access, catering, sanitary facilities, etc.).

When the festival is over, the module is replaced by other features to discover directly on the application.

The application also provides services to improve the daily life of residents. The reporting module allows users to alert the municipality of the slightest problem on the public highway. The sorting guide and information about waste collection are also available via the application.

You can download the application for free from the Android and Apple stores, try it!

They talked about it!

Le Progrès :
Fréquence Plus :
Voix du Jura :

18 May
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This new tender won by Sweepin has led to the creation of a mobile application for the commune of Seclin. This application allows citizens to report any problem in the commune. To optimize the efficiency of this reporting functionality, the municipal agents also have access to this application. They can thus be alerted quickly of problems encountered in the municipality, and are able to treat them as efficiently as possible. In particular, they can update the status of the report in order to warn users.

Finally, this mobile application offers to the citizens the possibility to get information about the commune's news, thanks to the news module.
The application of the municipality of Seclin is currently available for free on the Android and Apple stores, try it !

17 May
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The SANTEXPO exhibition opened its doors for 3 days during which you could discover many actors of the health sector.
What was special about the show this year? Sweepin was the company in charge of mapping and guiding visitors around the show! QR codes to be scanned were available to visitors throughout the show and allowed them to guide themselves via their smartphones on the various stands.
Of course, Sweepin also exhibited its indoor geolocation solutions on the Tessi booth!
Thank you all for coming in such large numbers, see you next year!

07 Feb
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"The hospital journey" is at the heart of the concerns of healthcare institutions. The digitalization of the patient journey is becoming a must for many healthcare institutions such as hospitals and clinics.

Tessi acquires a stake in Sweepin, the startup dedicated to the digitalization of the patient pathway, to enable a change of scale in the deployment of SWEEPIN geolocation solutions.

Sweepin is developing a mobile solution that revolutionizes the patient's journey, allowing the healthcare institution to detect the arrival of a patient, to automatically admit him or her and to guide him or her step by step to the appointment. As soon as the patient is discharged, he or she can also be reimbursed for any remaining expenses.
Sweepin also offers an ambulatory surgery patient tracking system, where companions and hospital staff are notified in real time of the stages of the journey or if a patient is lost.

The solution saves time for both the user and the healthcare institutions.

"Sweepin's objective is to build an offer around the recurring needs expressed by our customers in the health sector and to provide a complete solution around the "trip to the hospital"" underlines Matthieu Dibaji - CEO of Sweepin.

"Having Tessi as a reference shareholder allows us to rely on an industrial company that is already well established in the health sector," says Johan JEGARD - President of Sweepin.

Discover the SWEEPIN solution

01 Feb
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In partnership with the Amiens-Picardie University Hospital, we are pleased to announce the creation of the new mobile application "Venir to the Amiens-Picardie University Hospital".
The objective of this application is to facilitate access to the hospital which can sometimes be complicated for patients and their relatives.

This application allows patients and their relatives to be guided to their appointment point in the UHC and thus optimize their time spent there.
By downloading it beforehand, the application optimizes the patients' journey from their home to their appointment in the hospital. Equipped with GPS and IPS (indoor geolocation), the application does not require a network, making it even easier to use.

Patients can also find all the information about their appointment on this application, such as the date, time and location of the service, but also for some the doctor concerned and can thus be guided to their appointment place.

Without using the application, patients and visitors can also be guided around the university hospital using QR codes present in the establishment. Simply scan them with your phone to find the service you are looking for and be guided to it by following the suggested route.