New SDED 52 mobile app: make sorting and waste management easier in Haute-Marne!

Sweepin is delighted to unveil its latest creation in collaboration with the Syndicat Départemental d’Énergie et des Déchets de Haute-Marne (SDED 52): the SDED 52 mobile application. This application has been specially developed for the citizens of Haute-Marne, with the aim of making their daily lives even more fluid and practical.

SDED 52 chose Sweepin to create an ingenious solution combining household waste management and public electricity distribution services. The objective was simple: to improve exchanges between SDED, local councillors and citizens, while guaranteeing optimum responsiveness to the challenges facing our public service.

The SDED 52 application offers a variety of features to simplify the lives of Haute-Marne residents:

Fast reporting: Easily report problems on the public highway and track their resolution in real time, thanks to notifications received via the mobile app.

Waste management: Find out which waste collection days are specific to your address and access a practical sorting guide to help you manage your waste more efficiently.

Useful proximity: Locate nearby electric vehicle charging stations and waste collection centers, making your commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle easier.

Local news: Stay informed about events and news relevant to your region.

Everyday eco-gestures: Adopt simple, ecological gestures to preserve the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

SDED 52 is available free of charge on Android and Apple platforms. Download it now to benefit from an enriching experience that will considerably improve your daily life in Haute-Marne.