Vercors Inside app is now available !

The Communauté de communes du Massif du Vercors wanted a tool that would reinforce the attractiveness of its territory and facilitate the daily life of its inhabitants and tourists. The Vercors Inside mobile application brings together numerous functionalities and serves as a communication tool between all the actors of the territory. The strong point of this application is the transmission of information related to the stations in real time.

Vercors Inside offers different services and very precise modules, which allow a real time communication between the elected officials, the inhabitants and the tourists. These services are also innovative and enhance the territory while allowing everyone to anticipate their trips in the region.

  • First of all, there are the local news, which are updated in real time on the application and allow each user to be informed quickly and easily.

  • An agenda lists current and upcoming events on the territory, with the possibility of filtering them by date or by theme.

  • The weather of each station is displayed on the home screen, and it is possible to know the details of the snow weather or the opening of the slopes.

  • Useful phone numbers and contacts are also provided: emergency services, doctors, pharmacies and paramedical professionals.

  • The “Protect the Vercors” module offers different services: a guide to the rules to respect in the mountains, a sorting and recycling guide that indicates each collection point in a list or on a map, and suggestions for eco-gestures to be used on the territory. 

  • All the businesses and activities in the region are also listed in the application, with the possibility of filtering them by category and theme to facilitate the search. 

  • Finally, the “Mobility” module lists all the modes of transport and access to the region as well as their schedules and contacts if necessary. Information about road works and closed roads are also listed.

Vercors Inside is a complete and innovative mobile application, it serves as a daily tool for residents and tourists to keep informed easily and quickly.  

You can download the application for free from the Android and Apple stores, try it!