Transportation networks

Transportation networks

With this module, you can provide your users with all the information concerning the city’s public transport in real time.

They can consult, in the form of a list or a map, the different stops in the city and find the nearest one. Each stop indicates which bus or streetcar line is served and an itinerary allows them to know how to get there.

Of course, users have access to the next bus/tram schedule in real time and can add the stops they use daily as favorites.


Additionally, they can purchase their transportation ticket online. They have several pricing options to choose from, based on their needs: a one-time ticket for a single trip, a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual pass. Payment can be made online, by credit card, or through an electronic wallet.

The transportation module is also useful for people with mobility issues. They can access information on bus and tram lines that are adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Finally, the transportation module is also useful for people who want to use other modes of transportation such as bikes or intercity public transportation. The app can provide information on bike-sharing stations and train or bus lines for travel outside the city.

In summary, the transportation module of the app allows you to provide your users with all the necessary information for easy and convenient travel in the city. With this app, they can plan their travels in real-time, purchase their transportation ticket online, and access information on transportation options that meet their needs.