Mobile app surveys are increasingly popular in connected cities. They allow governments and local authorities to quickly gather data on the opinions and behaviors of their citizens.

Thanks to this module, you can record the opinions of your citizens on the themes that you wish. The survey module is at the service of participatory democracy and allows you to involve your citizens in the life of their community.

Multiple choice questions, open questions, with or without images… Create your own surveys in your space on the back office and customize your questionnaires!

You can create your own surveys in your space on the back office, choosing from among several types of questions: multiple choice questions, open questions, etc. You can also add images to make your questionnaire more visual.

Once you have created your survey, you can publish it and invite your citizens to respond. You can also target certain categories of people, based on their age, gender, place of residence, etc.

The survey module is a valuable tool for participatory democracy, as it allows citizens to give their opinions on themes that concern them. This can be very useful for elected officials, who can then learn about the concerns of their fellow citizens and respond appropriately.

It is also important to note that the survey module does not substitute for representative democracy institutions, such as municipal elections or municipal councils. Rather, it is a supplement that allows for a better understanding of the population’s opinions and for taking these concerns into account in decision-making.

By using the survey module, you can thus promote citizen participation and strengthen democracy in your community. It is an effective way to create constructive dialogue with residents and give them the opportunity to express themselves on topics that affect them. They are a useful tool for collecting data at a low cost in connected cities. They can be used in combination with other research methods to obtain a more complete picture of the opinions and behaviors of citizens.