Offer your users hikes in the city, walking or cycling tours by highlighting the natural and cultural heritage of your territory.

You can add your routes with quizzes and augmented reality, while guiding your visitors.


In the app, the hikes are presented as a list and it is possible to filter them to refine your search. The duration, the difficulty and the distance covered are highlighted to help users choose their route.

The proposed itineraries can be adapted to different levels of practice, from beginners to experienced athletes. Hiking trails will be more accessible for families and people looking for a calmer activity. Bike trails, on the other hand, will be suitable for people looking to get more exercise and discover the city from a different perspective.

The proposed itineraries highlight the natural and cultural heritage of your territory. Hikes allow you to discover green spaces, gardens, parks, and woods. Bike trails allow you to discover the historical neighborhoods of the city and important cultural sites. Visitors will be able to discover historical monuments, museums, churches, castles and ruins.

By accompanying this module with augmented reality, visitors will be able to discover the city from a different perspective, by discovering additional information on the sites visited through images or videos. The quizzes also help improve the visiting experience by offering fun and educational information on the sites visited.

With these itineraries, you offer a unique and interactive visiting experience to your users. By highlighting the natural and cultural heritage of your territory, you give them the opportunity to discover places they may have never visited otherwise, while offering them a pleasant physical activity. Quizzes and augmented reality add an additional dimension to the visiting experience and make it more fun and informative.