Waste management

Waste management

Waste management is an issue of great concern to communities today. It is important to manage waste efficiently to protect the environment and the health of citizens. Mobile applications are a useful tool to improve waste management by facilitating communication and promoting green behaviors among citizens.


In order to raise citizens’ awareness and help them sort their waste correctly, we have developed easy-to-use modules. They accompany citizens in their daily sorting process by giving them the necessary information and advice.






The sorting guide is the main tool to help citizens sort their waste correctly. Thanks to this module, they can quickly find out where and how to sort and recycle. The module tells them, according to the type of waste (the categories can be customized according to your needs), in which bin to throw them or in which waste collection center they can bring them.




To find this information, they can type the name of their waste in a search bar that gives them the necessary information directly. They can also search by type of bin or waste, such as glass for example. By clicking on the category, a list displays all the waste in that category.



Also in this sorting guide, an interactive map lists all the collection points that are near the user. Filters are available to facilitate the search for a point. These are also available in list form. Different information is made available to users, including opening hours and directions. 





Waste collection is a module that allows citizens to know when the next garbage trucks will pass by according to their address. It indicates when each type of bin (household garbage or yellow bin for example) will be picked up.

The sorting guide and the waste collection module are easy-to-use tools that support citizens in their daily sorting efforts by providing them with the necessary information and advice.