Automatic step by step guidance in real time (with mobile application)

Automatic step by step guidance in real time (with mobile application)

The step-by-step guidance in real time is done through a mobile application downloaded beforehand on a smartphone. Thanks to our patented technology, the visitor is guided with instructions (“turn right”, “go up the stairs”…) because his smartphone locates his position in real time.

Our indoor guidance technology is based on the combination of smartphone’s sensors which is the only tool needed to be guided. It is a guidance without hardware, beacons (bluetooth beacons), or wifi. It does not require any hardware to buy or install, no maintenance or staff to take care of it.

This system can be used without any mobile network (airplane mode), which is important because there is often few network in a health care facility to avoid interference with medical devices. Finally, there is a coupling between the external GPS and the internal navigation for an optimization of the routes, which allows to ensure the continuity of the service if the hospital has several buildings.

Integration with the information system: It is possible to integrate the guidance system with the institution’s information system in order to retrieve appointment information, detect patients as soon as they arrive and guide them directly to their place of appointment, or perform automatic admission.

  • Possibility of pre-appointment alert: reminder sms.
  • Arrival detection
  • Welcome notification
  • Itinerary and audio guidance (voice synthesis)
  • Audio, video, forms, surveys, images, etc.: Media content is produced according to the services you want to offer
  • An intelligent queue management system automatically takes into account the arrival of your visitors. The circulation inside your building becomes smoother and faster.
  • The detection of a visitor’s arrival or his presence in a specific location immediately triggers a customized action. For example, the department concerned is warned of the imminent approach of its appointment.
  • The alert scenarios are tailor-made
  • Complete statistics on the application’s flows and usage data
  • Survey module (satisfaction questionnaire, etc.)