Hospices Civils of Lyon

The Hospices Civils of Lyon request

The Hospices Civils of Lyon represent 13 public hospitals of excellence, bringing together all medical and surgical disciplines, thanks to 24,000 healthcare professionals.

To make it easier for patients and visitors to find their way around their facilities, Hospices Civils of Lyon decided to implement the indoor web guidance solution developed by Sweepin.

Web-based guidance with 3D mapping

Sweepin has provided Hospices Civils of Lyon with the ability to make it easier for patients and visitors to get around the various facilities, but also to help them get there from home.

The web-based guidance system uses 3D digital maps of each hospital’s buildings.

These hospital maps can be accessed from the HCL website, enabling patients and visitors to plan their arrival at the site from home, with an itinerary generated automatically when they enter their destination within the facility and their place of departure.

On site, patients and visitors can use their smartphones to scan the QR codes displayed in the facility. A map of the facility then appears on the screen. All they have to do is enter the service they are looking for and follow the suggested itinerary.

They can adapt the speed to their walking pace, and pause as they go.

To make it even easier for patients to get to their appointments, the convocations also include a QR code to be scanned, linking them to the hospital where they have their appointment.

The solution benefits

This guidance system enables patients and their relatives to easily find their way around the hospitals right up to the point of appointment. It saves patients and visitors a considerable amount of time, optimizing the time they spend in the various HCL establishments.

This solution also optimizes queues, particularly at reception. The system is suitable for people with reduced mobility, as well as the visually and hearing impaired, thanks to audio instructions and a visual pathway.