Basque Coast Hospital Center

Basque Coast Hospital Center request

The Basque Coast Hospital Center is the leading public healthcare establishment in the Basque Country, providing services to the population from more than 400 doctors and 3,400 other professionals in over 60 departments representing 40 specialties. To facilitate patient journeys on the Saint-Léon site in Bayonne, the hospital decided to equip itself with two solutions developed by Sweepin: web-based guidance using 3D cartography, and guidance via mobile application.

Web-based guidance

Sweepin has provided the hospital with two solutions to make it easier for patients and visitors to get around the hospital, but also to visit from home.

Web-based guidance uses 3D mapping of the hospital’s buildings. On site, patients and visitors can use their smartphones to scan the QR codes present throughout the facility, enter the department they are looking for and be guided to it using the suggested itinerary.

The map is also accessible from the Hospital Center website, enabling patients and visitors to plan their arrival on site.

iparla mobile application

The iparla mobile application further simplifies the patient’s journey, as it requires no network inside the facility. The application uses the phone’s sensors to find the user’s position and follow him or her along the way indoors.

Outdoors, the application provides a conventional GPS that routes users to the building.

On site, indoors, supports provide QR codes that users can scan from the app. Once scanned, they provide users with their starting position and allow them to select their destination from a list. Two guidance modes are then available:

  • Advanced mode guidance, with the e-compass guiding the user step by step in real time,
  • Assisted mode guidance, with speed controllable by the user, who then follows the on-screen instructions.

These solutions advantages

These two reception and guidance systems make it easy for patients and their families to find their way around the hospital and to their appointments.

The iparla mobile application optimizes patients’ journeys, providing them with a tool that enables them to come to consultations quickly and with complete peace of mind. It simplifies the arrival and orientation of patients and their carers in the hospital, and optimizes their time spent on site. The advantage of this solution is that it requires no network, and guidance is provided off-line in the establishments that benefit from it. It’s the phone’s sensors that enable the application to find the user’s position and follow them throughout their indoor journey. This technology is patented by Sweepin. Users’ medical and positional data are not stored, of course, to guarantee their security.

The iparla mobile app is freely available on stores Android and Apple !