Adolphe de Rothschild Foundation – Paris

The Adolphe de Rothschild Foundation’s – Paris request

The Rothschild Foundation Hospital is developing expertise in the treatment of head and neck pathologies. The hospital’s activities in ophthalmology and neurology have been progressively enriched with neurosurgery, ENT and interventional neuroradiology. The Rothschild Foundation represents 321,035 consultations, 14,050 outpatient stays (surgery), 9,581 day hospital stays (medicine), and 49,272 visits to the ophthalmology emergency department.
The problem was: how to make the flow of all these patients and visitors as smooth and efficient as possible? The Adolphe de Rothschild Foundation chose Sweepin to implement 3D mapping, personalized reception and interior guidance on smartphones for its patients and visitors.

Sweepin’s solution

Sweepin’s 3D mapping, personalized welcome and interior guidance solutions were able to respond to this problem and offer all patients an optimal welcome. The Rothschild Foundation now has a mobile application that allows its patients and visitors to access the facility as quickly and easily as possible.

The HFAR_GPS application offers 3 functionalities for a better patient journey: GPS guidance from home to the hospital, IPS guidance (internal geolocation) in the establishment, to facilitate the search for a service and optimize time on site, and finally the follow-up of patients’ appointments.

Outside, the application provides a traditional GPS that routes users to the building.
On site, indoors, racks provide QR codes that users can scan from the mobile app. Once scanned, these QR codes provide users with their starting location and allow them to select their destination from a list. Two guidance modes are then available:

  • Advanced mode guidance, with the e-compass guiding the user step by step in real time,
  • Assisted mode guidance, with speed controllable by the user who then follows the instructions on the screen.

In addition to being able to guide themselves easily, users can, by connecting to the application, find the list of their appointments as well as additional information such as the date, the service and the time.

The benefits of such a mobile application

This application optimizes the patient’s journey, as they have a digital tool that allows them to come to a consultation quickly and with complete peace of mind. It greatly simplifies the arrival and orientation of patients and companions in the hospital and optimizes their time spent on site. The advantage of this solution is that it does not require any network, the guidance is done offline in the establishments that are equipped with it. It is the phone’s sensors that allow the application to find the user’s position and follow him/her throughout the indoor journey. This technology is patented by Sweepin.
The medical and positional data of the users are obviously not stored to guarantee their security.

HFAR_GPS is available for free on Play Store and App Store.