René Dubos Hospital Center – Pontoise

The request of the René Dubos Hospital – Pontoise

The activity of the CH Pontoise covers all medical and surgical care from birth, through children and adults to the elderly. This care corresponds to both local and referral missions: level 3 perinatal center, heavy cardiology center, neurovascular network. The Hospital Center receives patients of all ages for whom moving to a hospital can be complicated. That’s why Sweepin proposed its 3D mapping, personalized reception and interior guidance solutions to allow all these patients to easily find their way around.

Sweepin’s solution

Sweepin provided the Hospital Center with the possibility to facilitate the movement of patients and companions within the hospital, but also to help them to come to the hospital from home thanks to an additional module in their CH Pontoise mobile application: “Orient yourself in the establishment”.

Outside, the application provides a classic GPS that directs users to the building.
On site, inside, holders provide QR codes that users can scan from the mobile app. Once scanned, these QR codes provide users with their starting position and allow them to select their destination from a list. Two guidance modes are then available:

  • Advanced mode guidance, with the e-compass guiding the user step by step in real time,
  • Assisted mode guidance, with speed controllable by the user who then follows the instructions on the screen.

The advantage of this solution is that it does not require any network, the guidance is done offline in the establishments that are equipped with it. It is the phone’s sensors that allow the application to find the user’s position and follow him/her throughout the indoor journey. This technology is patented by Sweepin.

The advantages of a tool like step-by-step guidance for the CH – Pontoise

This real-time step-by-step guidance solution greatly simplifies the patient journey: it saves patients and visitors a lot of time, as they can optimize their time spent in the hospital by discovering the fastest way to their appointment. Of course, users’ location data is not stored.

The CH – Pontoise application is available for free on the Play Store and the App Store