GHT Vaucluse

The request of the Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire du Vaucluse

The GHT Vaucluse includes 11 health establishments in the PACA region. The structure called upon our services to implement our automatic step-by-step guidance solution in real time with a mobile application in two of its establishments: the CH d’Avignon Henri Duffaut and the CHI Cavaillon Lauris.

Sweepin’s solution: the HospiGuide mobile application

Our patented real-time step-by-step guidance solution allows patients and visitors to be guided to their appointments with instructions delivered from their smartphone. This automated, real-time guidance is made possible by the HospiGuide mobile app, available on IOS and Android.
With it, people can initially be guided from their home to the hospital via GPS.

When arriving at the GHT facilities, users can scan a QR code to define their starting position and then select their destination from a list. They can also add the administrative step to their journey if it is necessary. Two guidance modes are available:

  • Advanced mode guidance, with the e-Compass guiding the user step by step in real time,
  • Assisted mode guidance, with the user’s own speed control, and then following the instructions on the screen.

In addition to all this, patients can retrieve their appointments by logging into the application. Once retrieved, the appointments are integrated into the application’s calendar and updated in real time in case of changes. Users are notified when their appointment is approaching and can find all the information they need about it.

The big advantage of this solution is that it does not require any network, the guidance is done offline in the establishments that are equipped with it. It is the phone’s sensors that allow the application to find the user’s position and to follow him throughout the journey.

The benefits of this solution for the GHT

This indoor geolocation solution represents a considerable time saving for patients and visitors who thus optimize their time spent in the facilities. It also optimizes queues, especially at reception, and frees up time for hospital staff, who can concentrate on other tasks. Complete statistics on the application’s flows and usage data are made available to the GHT, which can then report and measure user satisfaction.
Of course, user medical and location data is not stored.

HospiGuide is available for free on Play Store and App Store.