Ville de Joigny : Reinventing the relationship between councillors, citizens and shopkeepers

The Communauté de communes du Jovinien's request

To make available a very easy to use tool to allow the inhabitants to be actors of their city, the shopkeepers to promote their offers and the visitors to discover the territory in their language.

Sweepin's solution

A smartphone application for direct and rapid communication between councillors and citizens, shopkeepers and customers, visitors and cultural and historical sites, based on high-performance geolocation technology.

The obtained benefits

Thanks to the digital tools proposed, the tourist reception and the relationship between the citizens and the federation of municipalities have improved.
The smartcity application has allowed the community to create synergies between the shopkeepers, the community, the inhabitants and their visitors!

A mobile app to boost dynamism and attractiveness

The Communauté de communes du Jovinien was looking for a tool that was easy to use and met several requirements: to offer more than 22,000 citizens the opportunity to act for and with their city; to offer shopkeepers the possibility to present their activities, events, products and services; to promote touristic and patrimonial tours for visitors; to be able to interact quickly with the population in case of an incident or weather alert.
“Sweepin allowed us to qualify our needs and to meet them by designing a specific solution that we will probably be the first city of less than 30,000 inhabitants to be equipped with. Rural areas can also be dynamic”. Nicolas Soret, President of the Communauté dee Communes du Jovinien, Deputy Mayor of Joigny

A mobile app to establish privileged relationships

With the citizen application called “Le Jovinien”, residents can report incidents or damage such as illegal dumping, a street lamp that no longer works… For its part, the town hall warns its citizens in case of an event requiring a very fast communication, as during a flood episode. Residents and visitors benefit from the dematerialization of loyalty cards and gift vouchers that can be used on the territory, thus increasing the local part of their consumption. They can discover all the local heritage and the 19 communes, be guided through a selection of routes and even create their own, off the beaten track. Finally, an interactive cultural agenda completes the citizen application.

After the custom design phase of the Le Jovinien app :

Sweepin is also responsible for interfacing with Le Jovinien’s information systems to automatically post the content useful to the application, for training the various users and especially the shopkeepers, for supporting the technical teams, for testing, and for maintenance operations.