Massy – Grand Paris Express

A successful call for projects for the future Grand Paris

The Société du Grand Paris launched a call for projects that we won with our partners Razel-Bec and the Saint-Léonard group.
The objective was to propose an urban environment that is sustainable, mobile and connected.

The project was based on five possible themes:
– plants to create quality landscaping,
– innovative pavements, with the search for new sustainable and economical solutions,
– urban furniture to bring together and offer innovative services,
– urban lighting to improve safety and the atmosphere around stations,
– friendliness to improve the well-being of passengers.

On the forecourt of the Pierre de Coubertin sports center, located not far from the Place de France and the Massy Opera house, residents can sit on “connected” benches unlike any other. Inspired by the famous chairs of the Luxembourg garden that can be moved at will, we have the idea to design a mobile bench fixed on a rail, called St@tion4D connected with a mobile application.

Inventing the connected city of tomorrow

Because the location of this new generation bench was not chosen at random.

We are on the site of the future Massy Opéra station, which will be crossed by line 18 of the new metro. The Société du Grand Paris, in partnership with Île-de-France Mobilités and the Île-de-France Mayors’ Association, wants to rethink the public spaces around the stations and adapt them to the needs of users in terms of information, comfort and safety.

An application turned towards its inhabitants

Through an application and a digital chip integrated during manufacturing, the connected street furniture allows its users to access a wide range of information about the city, such as upcoming events, future developments in the neighborhood or news about line 18.