Smart <br><strong>City</strong>


A wide range of features

Connect with your citizens, shop owners, your visitors to create a permanent dialogue, deliver useful services and build a trustful relationship.

An open line
  • The « survey » module offers citizens the opportunity to ask their questions and to submit their requests
  • The « citizen reporting » module can warn you in case of degradation or incident
A personalized showcase
The module « connected shops » offers each merchant the geolocation of his shop as well as a dedicated space to present his offers and carry out his promotional campaigns.
Everyone can choose from a range of additional services :
  • digital loyalty card
  • mobile payment
  • dematerialized gift vouchers
  • click and collect
Responsive communication
The « public transport » module facilitates the use of public transport through a series of useful and practical services :
  • payment of tickets by credit card,
  • real time schedules
  • alternative traffic status
  • routes during work
The « connected urban furniture » module :
  • providing citizens with useful information at the right time
  • relay of all the actions carried out by your community.
Another look at the city
With the module « connected culture » :
  • your public, citizens or visitors, access on their smartphone to cultural and tourist routes connected in several languages
  • They receive targeted information about monuments and connected works
  • They can use an audioguide
  • They have a dynamic agenda to spot cultural events and book them

Why Us ?

Smart City by Sweepin is a tailor-made solution developed specifically for your community.
It is continuously fed by all the people with an administrator access.
Smart City by Sweepin is based on a technology created by Sweepin, in continuous improvement.
Our team takes care of the various steps of its installation, until its release, and remains available thereafter for any question or adaptation.

Your connected stores benefit from better traffic. The recommendations of your visitors, seduced by connected cultural and tourist routes, attract new tourists.
Commercial and tourism promotion in your community is becoming more efficient and dynamic.

A direct line

You communicate with your citizens by sending them targeted information at the right time. You are constantly aware of their requests, reactions and grievances and can consult them on your projects of any kind.

All in one
All of your services, equipment and information about your community can be aggregated on your platform.

The quality of services offered by your community is progressing
Thanks to their simple, fast and direct distribution
Thanks to the interactivity of your solution and its collaborative tools, the operating costs of your services are limited
Thanks to better accessibility of shops and cultural places
Thanks to a centralized management of your information campaigns
Thanks to a continuous adaptation of your offers according to the analysis of the statistics of use for each service in your application