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Indoor Positioning
System services

IPS (Indoor Positioning System) is a technology that allows the location of an object or a person inside a building.
For smartphone guidance, Sweepin has developed a unique patented technology that does not require the installation of these beacons.

Our geolocation solutions are intended for healthcare institutions, but also for any institution which wants a state-of-the-art indoor geolocation system.

Sweepin offers 3 different solutions :

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    An GDPR compliant geolocation system

    Our indoor positioning system is completely offline, only the itinerary data is updated after modification of the 3D plan, which guarantees the protection of your visitors’ medical and private data (health data hosted in the hospital’s server). The general conditions are audited by the renowned law firm August Debouzy and are in compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).