Sweepin au salon du Bimoc

Sweepin au salon du Bimoc
Sweepin au salon du Bimoc
Sweepin at the BIMOC show

Sweepin was present at the BIMOC show at the Zénith de Dijon on Thursday, June 7th, 2018.

We were personally invited to present our solution around a round table on smart building.

BIM and Connected Objects
Smart Buildings Metropolis Connected Objects

BIMOC, created in 2016, is the first Forum dedicated to extending the use of BIM and connected objects in their interactions with users, with the aim of massively developing the concepts of smart and agile cities and buildings.

The Burgundy - Franche-Comté Region is the first region in France to fully manage its BIM heritage by betting on this technology 10 years ago. The Metropole de Dijon has just launched its big connected city project.

It is with the same prospective spirit that BIMOC is exploring this time the next major developments.