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The Sweepin team is delighted to unveil its latest mobile application in collaboration with the Urban Community of Dunkerque (CUD): Corsaire.

Corsaire: Dunkirkers' daily companion

The Corsaire app has been designed to meet the needs of modern urban life and simplify the daily lives of Dunkirk residents. Here are just a few of the features that make it an indispensable tool:

Stay informed: Instantly receive the latest news from Dunkirk right in the palm of your hand, keeping you up to date with local news and events.

Plan your day: Explore an agenda of upcoming events in the region and add them to your own calendar so you don't miss a thing.

Simplified journeys: Consult public transport timetables and easily locate stops using the interactive map, allowing you to navigate the city with ease.

Report & interact: Report problems in the city, carry out administrative procedures and enjoy a full range of other practical features for seamless interaction with your urban environment.

The Corsaire app transforms urban life into a fluid, connected experience, offering Dunkirk's citiz

The app is available for free download now on the Android and Apple stores. Don't miss the opportunity to discover the benefits that will help simplify your daily life in Dunkirk and strengthen your connection with this dynamic city.

We would like to thank the Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque for their trust and collaboration in the creation of Corsaire!

We're delighted to announce the launch of our latest mobile application: Vitaboucle. The fruit of our collaboration with the city an Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, this sports app invites you to discover the city in an active way, while taking care of your health.

Vitaboucle: explore Strasbourg in motion thanks to innovative features

The Vitaboucle application has been designed to offer a unique experience to the citizens of Strasbourg:

Customized routes: discover Vitaboucle routes tailored to your specific needs and preferences, allowing you to enjoy the city to the full, whether you're on your own or accompanied by loved ones.

Points of interest: explore all Strasbourg's landmarks and access all relevant information directly from the app.

Diary and events : Stay on top of all the city's events with our comprehensive calendar. You can even add these events to your personal calendar.

News and notifications: Keep up to date with the latest news and developments in Strasbourg with real-time notifications.

Vitaboucle offers an original way to discover Strasbourg while staying active and committed to your health. The app is available free of charge on Android and Apple platforms.

We would like to thank the city of Strasbourg for its invaluable collaboration, which has enabled us to offer citizens this unique and energizing experience.

Around the world, connected cities are gaining ground, and with them, the use of mobile applications is becoming the norm. These mobile applications can make a significant contribution to enhancing the safety of a city's inhabitants, by facilitating communication between the various players involved in safety, enabling the rapid reporting of incidents or dangerous situations, and facilitating the intervention of emergency services in the event of an emergency.

Mobile reporting applications for incidents

Mobile applications with a module for reporting incidents or dangerous situations on the public highway are gaining in popularity in smart cities. They enable citizens to quickly notify the appropriate authorities in the event of a problem. These applications can be used to report incidents such as road safety problems, acts of vandalism, fires, medical emergencies and so on.

These applications allow users to take photos or videos to describe the incident in greater detail. The data collected is then forwarded to the reports management service, which assesses the situation and deploys help if necessary.

Reports can be made anonymously by people who fear reprisals, or who do not wish to be involved in an investigation, for example.

As well as facilitating the reporting of incidents, these applications can also help the authorities to collect data on incidents occurring in the city. This data can then be used to identify the areas most at risk, to draw up action plans and improve safety, and finally to evaluate the effectiveness of the safety measures put in place on the territories.

It is important to note that for these mobile applications to be effective, it is necessary to ensure that the relevant authorities have the necessary resources to manage the information received and respond rapidly to emergency situations. It is also important to make citizens aware of the use of these applications, and to explain to them how to report incidents automatically and effectively.

Geolocation: a major asset for emergency services

Geolocation is another key tool for enhancing safety in connected cities. Mobile applications can use geolocation to enable emergency services to quickly locate people in danger during an emergency situation. This enables them to respond more quickly and effectively.

Real-time awareness and communication

Mobile applications also serve as communication channels, informing citizens in real time of dangers and instructions to follow in the event of an emergency, often via instant notifications.

Mobile applications represent a powerful lever for improving urban safety, in particular by optimizing communication between the various safety stakeholders. Find out more about our reporting module and all the other features available on our website!

Sweepin is delighted to unveil its latest creation in collaboration with the Syndicat Départemental d'Énergie et des Déchets de Haute-Marne (SDED 52): the SDED 52 mobile application. This application has been specially developed for the citizens of Haute-Marne, with the aim of making their daily lives even more fluid and practical.

SDED 52 chose Sweepin to create an ingenious solution combining household waste management and public electricity distribution services. The objective was simple: to improve exchanges between SDED, local councillors and citizens, while guaranteeing optimum responsiveness to the challenges facing our public service.

The SDED 52 application offers a variety of features to simplify the lives of Haute-Marne residents:

Fast reporting: Easily report problems on the public highway and track their resolution in real time, thanks to notifications received via the mobile app.

Waste management: Find out which waste collection days are specific to your address and access a practical sorting guide to help you manage your waste more efficiently.

Useful proximity: Locate nearby electric vehicle charging stations and waste collection centers, making your commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle easier.

Local news: Stay informed about events and news relevant to your region.

Everyday eco-gestures: Adopt simple, ecological gestures to preserve the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

SDED 52 is available free of charge on Android and Apple platforms. Download it now to benefit from an enriching experience that will considerably improve your daily life in Haute-Marne.

Healthcare facilities are demanding environments where staff safety is an absolute priority. Geolocation, when used thoughtfully and ethically, proves to be a powerful tool for reinforcing this security. In this article, discover the benefits of using geolocation to protect staff, thanks to solutions like the one offered by Sweepin.

Enhanced employee safety

Staff safety in healthcare establishments is paramount, and geolocation offers an effective means of reinforcing it. When a member of staff feels in danger, solutions have been developed so that they can easily raise the alarm and be helped as quickly as possible.

For example, by being equipped with a badge or smartwatch, he can trigger an alert and thus activate his geolocation, enabling the security team to know his exact position instantly. This feature can save lives, as it enables faster intervention in the event of an emergency. By knowing where the person in distress is, rescue teams can reduce response times and maximize the chances of saving lives.

Staff stress is reduced and their privacy preserved

Thanks to this reinforced protection, staff stress and anxiety are reduced. Less stressed staff are more productive and healthier, which benefits staff, facilities and patients alike, who need the best possible care.

One of the key advantages of using geolocation via a smartwatch or badge is that it is not permanent. Geolocation is only activated when staff want it to be, by triggering an alert, thus guaranteeing their privacy and reinforcing their sense of security.

Incident documentation

Geolocation provides a digital trace of incidents, which can prove invaluable for internal investigations, safety reports and the prevention of potential future incidents. Accurate documentation contributes to in-depth analysis and the development of effective long-term solutions to ensure everyone's well-being and safety.

The thoughtful use of geolocation for personnel protection in healthcare facilities brings undeniable benefits in terms of safety, staff and patient wellbeing, but also in terms of prevention. It is imperative that companies offering these services put in place clear policies and comply with local regulations to ensure ethical and responsible use of this technology, while obtaining staff consent. Find out more about Sweepin's staff protection solution for healthcare facilities!

In order to simplify the lives of its citizens, the Metropole de Bordeaux has called on our services to develop a mobile application for citizens: Ma Ville Facile. Residents of the Bordeaux metropolis can now access essential information and manage their daily lives much more easily.

Ma Ville Facile ! offers a fully customizable, feature-rich experience to enhance the quality of life in the region.

Personalized access to local information

One of the outstanding features of Ma Ville Facile is its ability to adapt to your individual needs. Thanks to the multi-city choice function, users can select their preferred city from Le Bouscat and Blanquefort to access relevant information quickly and efficiently.

Everything you need in a single mobile app

The Ma Ville Facile application has been designed to simplify the daily lives of Bordeaux Métropole residents. It offers a wide range of functions, including :

  • essential information: stay informed with local weather, air quality, news and a complete calendar of events in your city.

  • interactive directory: an interactive directory of local businesses with filters to help you find a restaurant, store or local service.

  • transport made easy: easily obtain public transport timetables, locate nearby stops and plan your journeys in no time at all.

  • reporting: help make your community safer and more responsive by reporting problems on the public highway directly from the application.

  • Waste sorting: Be an eco-responsible citizen by consulting the waste collection days and learning how to sort correctly.

  • citizen polls: take an active part in the life of your region by expressing your expectations and contributing to important decisions through citizen polls.

We would like to thank Métropole de Bordeaux for this opportunity to collaborate and create a unique application that will help improve the daily lives of Bordeaux's inhabitants.

Ma Ville Facile ! is available free of charge on the Android and Apple stores!

Yesterday, the Saint-Léon site of the Centre Hospitalier de la Côte Basque launched its new interior guidance system for patients and visitors, developed by Sweepin.

2 options to guide you easily to your meeting place at the facility:

✅ With your smartphone, scan the QR codes available throughout the site, choose your destination and let us guide you to your desired location.

📱Before your visit, download the new iparla mobile app free of charge. Choose your destination in the hospital and let it guide you from anywhere to your appointment location in the facility. The mobile app works without a network and provides real-time guidance!

Thank you to the Centre Hospitalier de la Côte Basque for their confidence in this project, in which we are proud to have participated!

Learn more :

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When you go to the hospital, the "journey" can be an obstacle course: finding the right building, completing admission formalities, getting to the right department on the right floor… we've all got lost at least once in the maze of hospital corridors. Thanks to a complete patient location and guidance solution, that's all over now! We explain how our patient guidance application works.

Why use a patient guidance application?

Whether you're a patient, a companion or a visitor, it's easy to get lost in these huge hospital complexes, and spend hours waiting to be admitted or obtain information. In the end, a lot of time and patience is wasted wandering the corridors, asking the nursing staff for directions… and the patient arrives stressed and late for his or her medical appointment 😤…

There are several advantages to using a guidance application:

  • Patients/visitors immediately find their way from home to the hospital, then to the right department, waiting room or patient room,

  • Patients save time by preparing their admission in advance,

  • Care on arrival is faster,

  • Hospital staff remain fully dedicated to their work,

  • Patients arrive on time for consultation 😉.

Patient reception: localization makes it easy!

In practical terms, patients find their way around the hospital using the real-time guidance system. If they choose guidance without a mobile application, they simply scan the QR code located at the entrance to the building with their smartphone to access the digital map of the facility, enter the required department and follow the route step by step to their destination.

With the app, patient location and welcome functions are more extensive, with support at every step of the way:

  • SMS appointment reminders,

  • GPS guidance from home to hospital,

  • Arrival detection, alerting the relevant department,

  • Interior guidance (IPS).

With or without a smartphone app, the IPS operates off the mobile network, without beacons or Bluetooth to avoid interference with medical equipment. An audio function is included, notably to guide visually impaired patients 👍.

Save time with automatic patient admission

To optimize the patient's time at the hospital, the application enables automatic admission. When the patient receives the SMS appointment reminder, he or she can pre-admit online by scanning all the documents required for admission (Vitale card, convocation, prescription, etc.). Their personal data is hosted on the establishment's server in compliance with RGPD 🤫.

The documents are automatically transmitted to the hospital's software, so as to reduce processing times and better manage the flow of incoming patients. Once the patient has been detected in the facility, he or she receives a notification indicating his or her number in the queue to finalize admission. They can then continue their journey to their appointment.

The University Hospital Centres of Reims, Amiens-Picardie, Avignon… They have put their trust in Sweepin's location application. Contact us for more information.

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Yooli, the specialist in complete patient portals for tracking administrative and medical care (before, during and after hospitalization)!

💡The aim of this partnership is to offer new, even more innovative and beneficial indoor geolocation services for patients and their families at the Centre Hospitalier Ouest Réunion.

➡️ Real-time information on patient progress

➡️ Patient guidance within facilities

➡️ Time-saving administrative management

➡️ More efficient use of beds

➡️ Easier contact with patients after hospitalization

Read all about it in the press release!

Thank you to the Yooli teams for this wonderful project and for their confidence!

At a time of ecological transition, municipalities are transforming themselves to become smart cities, intelligent cities that operate in a sustainable and collaborative manner in order to offer a more pleasant living environment to their residents. To achieve this, they use digital tools, especially mobile applications. But what are the advantages of a mobile application for smart cities? What exactly is it used for? Sweepin answers.

The practical benefits of a smart city application

The mobile application for smart city is a direct and efficient way to reach citizens. It is estimated that nearly 85% of French people have a smartphone, which makes the mobile application a practical communication tool, accessible to the greatest number and adapted to current uses.

The implementation of a mobile app also offers other advantages to the smart city:

  • It is a flexible and agile tool, constantly updated and customizable according to the real needs of the city as well as the users,

  • Well integrated with the city's information system, it offers productivity gains (less data entry, rapid processing of requests, etc.),

  • The city reduces its expenses and improves its carbon footprint thanks to dematerialization, thus meeting the sustainable objectives of a smart city,

  • Finally, it gives a modern and connected image of the city.

A mobile application to inform in real time

For an smart city, the role of a mobile application is first to inform users in real time. The advantage is that residents have instant access to all practical information about the city on the same medium: city hall opening hours, work zones, sorting guide, on-call pharmacies, new businesses, etc. The smart city's mobile app replaces and modernizes the traditional municipal magazine.

Beyond the inhabitants, the smart city app can also integrate tourist modules that will make visitors discover the city and its heritage, with for example interactive maps, hiking trails, panoramic views of points of interest… Whether you are a resident or a visitor, the mobile app is a mine of information!

Facilitate exchanges with a mobile app

The smart city application is not only informative. It integrates functionalities that allow to interact with citizens. This includes the possibility of carrying out administrative procedures at any time or to pay for the children's canteen, but also to participate in surveys concerning the city's projects.

The mobile app also allows you to report useful information such as damage, defective lighting or road accidents to the relevant departments: a citizen's report that makes the city safer and more pleasant to live in for everyone.

Through its various functionalities, a mobile application for smart city makes possible a shared governance between the city and its inhabitants. It facilitates interactions, strengthens citizen involvement and allows everyone to participate in the construction of a sustainable territory for tomorrow.

Discover all our connected solutions for smart cities.