About us

Synergy of skills

Created in mid-2015, Sweepin stands out quickly by winning the BPI France FrenchTech grant. Since then, it has continued to progress on the path of national and international growth, with a first fundraising in 2017.
A young innovative company from Dijon, Sweepin cultivates a high creative potential around its core business: the development of location-based mobile services.

After four years of R & D, Sweepin has developed comprehensive, intelligent and solid solutions around two main axes:

Sweepin can rely on the complementary skills of its three co-founders:

Johan Jégard: In charge of strategy, technical pole and production.
Matthieu Dibaji: In charge of strategy, business development and finance.
Yanis Kerfa: In charge of Smart City project management.

And a team of committed employees, with an average age of 30, including 6 engineers / developers and 1 doctor in charge of artificial intelligence and data.

Technology Association
Thanks to its proprietary technology, Sweepin offers complete, autonomous and user friendly solutions.
Sweepin has developed an indoor positioning system based on machine learning and the use of sensors located on smartphones. Sweepin combines its unique technology in France (a patent is in progress) with the interaction of several triggers: geofencing, beacons, NFC, QR codes, etc.

Community of business partners
For its deployment, Sweepin relies on recognized partners:
BPI Dijon Metropole

Engie Axima (HVAC engineering)
Engie Ineo (network infrastructures)
Région Bourgogne-Franche Comté

The sense of service
Sweepin offers turnkey solutions and solid support for their implementation.
Sweepin has chosen to develop modular offers, in order to always be in step with technological developments, but especially with the needs of its customers and the uses and expectations of their audiences.

We offer solutions that we master all stages, from design to deployment. And we provide each customer with a single point of contact, responsible for managing the implementation and deployment of our platform. Sweepin thus guarantees its customers rapid and efficient ownership.

Shared ethics
Our team is committed to answering the same major issues:
always favor user friendly for interfaces, for user-friendly solutions, easy to adopt and use
constantly invest in research and innovation to offer the best technology to our customers
Integrate data protection and user compliance right from the design phase of our solutions