University Hospital of Reims

The request from the University Hospital of Reims

The University Hospital of Reims provides a triple activity of care, teaching and research. It carries out almost 111,000 stays and 426,000 consultations per year. To help their patients and their companions find their way around their building, they wanted to use our solution for welcoming and guiding patients with step-by-step interior guidance in real time.

GeHop, the mobile application proposed by Sweepin

Sweepin provided the mobile application GéHop to the Reims University Hospital. This application currently equips the Children’s Hospital – American Memorial Hospital.
It facilitates the movement of patients and their carers in the building, but also helps them to come to the hospital from home. This technology is patented by Sweepin.

Outside, the application provides a traditional GPS that routes users to the building.
On site, indoors, racks provide QR codes that users can scan from the mobile app. Once scanned, these QR codes provide users with their starting position and allow them to select their destination from a list. Two guidance modes are then available:

  • Advanced mode guidance, with the e-compass guiding the user step by step in real time,
  • Assisted mode guidance, with speed controllable by the user who then follows the instructions on the screen.

The advantage of this solution is that it does not require any network, the guidance is done offline in the establishments that are equipped with it. It is the phone’s sensors that allow the application to find the user’s position and to follow him throughout the indoor journey.

The benefits of a mobile application like GéHop

This indoor geolocation solution represents a considerable time saving for patients and visitors who thus optimize their time spent in the hospital.
Of course, users’ location data is not stored.

GéHop is available for free on Play Store and App Store.